About Patazaa

• What is Patazaa?
Patazaa is a free online portal which enables local selling, buying and tracking the needs among the sellers and buyers

• Is Patazaa FREE?
Yes, it is free and it will always be.

• Do I have to register to use Patazaa?
For browsing any information on PATAZAA you need not register. You can look in to Who wants what and Where section and also Look for an Item without registering.
You can be registered into PATAZAA either while posting an ad/information for the first time or through registration screen. A confirmation link will be sent confirming the email address. You can provide your personal information so that it will be notified to the buyer/seller accordingly so that transaction between the parties is smooth/fast.

• Do I have advantage of registering into Patazaa?
Yes. Patazaa provides a functionality of tracking in which you can register you needs in multiple territories so that If any one post an add on that category, a mail will be sent notifying the same providing quick approach to the details Also, you can have My Patazaa configured so that posts/Tracks/Replies/Comments to any of the items in Patazaa can be handled efficiently.

Functionalities of Patazaa:

What is Advertisement and Information Category .
Advertisement Category is nothing but posting an ad on specified categories where some items will have prices and condition such as new and old.

Information Category is a data which you might be looking for in your location.

Say. X is a dealer for Real Estates. X can be an information Category. When X posts an ad on a Flat in a specific Area and Location that Ad comes under the Advertisement Category. Remember When you are trying to register under Business/Profession , you will have the flexibility to get in to information category as well at the same time.

• What is My Patazaa?
After login, with MyPatazaa you can track and manage your ads personal number, reply, comments, spams , favourites and also needs on several locations.
My Patazaa also provides functionalities such as
1. Edit an Add
2. Post an Draft Add
3. Password Change
4. Personal information Up[date
5. Your Needs and Tracking
6. Reply / Comments / Spam
7. Remove your posting
8. Delete an Account
9. Favourites

• How do I post an item at Patazaa?
You can click on Post an Ad in the home page or the Icons for the Category in the home page. You can select the sub category under which you want to post the ad. In the post page, you can upload multiple images and documents. If you don't login, and if you are a unregistered user, Ad will be posted and gets enabled when you click on the enable link that has been mailed to you. If you didn't login, and if you are a registered user, if would ask for authentication password. If you have logged in, some personal information will be defaulted such as phone number, location and address which you can change it accordingly based on your convenience.

You can also Draft an ad and post it later via My Patazaa.

• How do I find an item at Patazaa?
You can either click on Looking for an Item Button or Icons for each Category in the Home Page. If not you can also use Wild Card Search close to Patazaa Logo. Once after clicking Looking for an Item, select which category / Sub Category you are looking for so that Looking for an item page will be loaded with various filter options available. You can also change the categories and location over there so that you can check for the Close by Locations as well. Also, it provides flexibility of List and Gallery View.

• How long will my posting appear on Patazaa?
Any Ads posted on Patazaa do not expire!! It is your responsibility to delete if you don't want ad to appear on Patazaa

• How do I save a posting to recall it later?
Any Ad can be added to your favorites so that it can be recalled later.
• How do I share an ad on Facebook/Twitter/etc?
You can select the specific ad and click on Share which enabled to share ads to Facebook, Twitter and Google +
• How does Patazaa works with Self Marketing and Promotions
Patazaa provides a Promotion with the validity date so that you can use that as opportunity to promote your single / bulk products. This provides more chances of ad being seen by others and approaches you for buying it. Also, if your order is not been viewed by users, it will appear in the Home page frequently.
• How Patazaa does working with Look up and Look for?
Look up is something what which Posted user's ad. Look for is something that specific user is looking for.
• As a buyer, how do I contact a seller?
Once after you find relevant Ads, please reply to that ad so that you can contact the seller via Email.
If the seller replies with personal mail id, please contact via that . You can interact with Patazaa also.
In MyPatazaa, you have the option of checking the messages. If Personal information has been given for that ad, you can contact via that too.
• As a Seller, how do I contact a buyer?
Go to the Look who wants what and look for the Need list for your area. You can contact them if you have the phone number. If not, Reply to that need list so that they can contact you. Your messages inside patazaa can be checked under MyPatazaa.

Avoid Scams and Fraud

Here are some tips to help you avoid scams and fraud on Patazaa.com and anywhere else on the Internet:

• Always Deal with person in your local area and meet him / item in person before doing any money transaction or item sales.

• If you're asked to wire funds, you're in trouble.

• Beware of fake cashier's checks and money orders. Beware of Paying with an international credit card or cashier's check.

• Don't give out bank account numbers, passwords, mother's maiden name, date of birth, place of birth, credit card numbers, social security numbers, or any other personal information.

• Avoid deals that are too good to be true.

Scammers try often to post fake ads, selling items that are significantly underpriced. If you see any of these fake ads, please report them by clicking "Flag abuse or spam" in the ad.

• Seller or buyer who didn't repeatedly not answer phone calls or email.

• Too many excuses by a Seller or buyer. You are in toruble

• User our Patazaa reply to add system so that if we get to know that seller/buyer is fraud we will be letting you know that information so that you will be safe.

• Ask for Seller Address and Telephone number incase of business. If individual pleae try to meet in person in your local aread.

Please understand that patazaa.com is a freely available service to help buyers and sellers to find each other. patazaa.com is not involved in any transactions and cannot be responsible for scam users.

For additional help using patazaa.com, please visit our Help Page.

What should I do if I suspect a fraudulent seller / Buyer?
If you feel there is a posting on the site that is false or fraudulent, please contact us at Legal Issues.

How do I report scams or bad ads?
To report a scam, click the 'Flag abuse or spam' link on the ad. You can also contact us to explain the situation.

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